Programs We Offer

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Assessments to accurately assess the treatment needs for Alcohol Drug Treatment, Anger Management and Family Violence Treatment.  Psychosocial Assessments with court recommendations are available.

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Alcohol and Drug Education 

Clients attend education and counseling about individual alcohol and other drug use and the impact on life and work.  This program  uses evidence- based strategies and prevention practices to support client recovery.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

IOP is six weeks of treatment, three times a week, including one hour of individual counseling a week. This allows clients to continue to live at home while receiving regular monitoring, counseling and supportive services. 

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Supportive Outpatient Treatment

 SOP  is 12 weeks of treatment, two times a week for two hours, including one hour a month individual counseling. This treatment focuses on education and counseling to enhance recovery efforts and strengthen a self-responsible plan of total abstinence for each client. 

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SOP Relapse Prevention Treatment

SOP-R is for graduates of an inpatient program and meets once a week  for two hours. This treatment is key for sustaining a persons recovery from alcohol and drugs after completing inpatient treatment as the person transitions to the home environment.

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Anger Management Education

This education is the process of learning to recognize signs that you are becoming angry and taking action to calm down and deal with the  situation in a productive way. Anger is a normal healthy emotion when you know how to express it appropriately. 

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Four hour Co-parenting session- required for many families in divorce;

Eight hour session for families who need help and support with discipline;

Twelve hour session for families in severe stress who need to find workable solutions for family problems.

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Marriage Counseling

These sessions are to increase communication and improve marriage quality. (Not available to couples who are in (BIPP). This is in an effort to recognize, and to  better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences that cause repeated patterns of stress upon the relationship.

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Anger Management Treatment

AMT  is once a week for 2 hours for 12 weeks as a n advanced course in applying the principles from the Anger Management Education Class. It requires one individual session at the beginning of treatment and one individual session at the end of treatment in addition to the 24 hours of group. 

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Anti-Theft and Property Crimes

This treatment involves an assessment and a treatment plan with psychoeducational group counseling to address the criminal thinking problem.

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Effective Decision Making

.This educational program is a cognitive based evaluation of problem behavior and helps clients understand and clarify their decision making processes. Goal setting and priority planning will also help to make meaningful, well- informed choices and resolve current issues.

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Batterer Intervention & Prevention Program

This is a Trauma- informed program pioneered to meet the needs of Domestic Violence Perpetrators.

Women's BIPP is 

Mon 1:30--3:30 pm

Men's BIPP is 

Sat/Sun 1:00--3:00 pm; & Tues 8:00--10:00 am

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